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Advice & Tips - Autumn and Winter Motoring

Autumn and Winter can be a funny time of the year for motoring, generally on a day to day basis you would mainly just have to clean the moisture off the windows and then get on your way, when the temperature really drops though and you are now looking at frozen screens possibly inside and out, what are your options, do you happen to have your de-icer spray and scraper to hand, or if that’s not the case do you go and boil the kettle up to pour hot water over the windows of your car as some owners do.

Pouring such warm liquid onto ice cold glass can defrost them quite quickly but it can also cause the glass to crack as well, especially if the windscreen has marks and chips there already.

It can be a great time saver if you are in a rush to get going, but it may also mean that you need to replace a window if a crack occurs.

Heated front and rear screens are an absolute boon in the frosty weather but keeping them on after the screens have defrosted can mean that your alternator is having to work overtime, especially with all the other loads that it has to cope with, most front windscreens heaters are on a timer and will switch off after a certain amount of time, but most rear heated screens tend to stay on once they are switched on, when your screen is clear, try remembering to switch the rear screen off.

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